Trolley Bags Classic

Trolley Bags Classic

Trolley BagsClassic

Trolley Bags are a great new innovative product that almost everyone should have.
They are essential a replacement for plastic bags, green bags, and other reusable bags.
This Grocery Packing System is made up of 4 Bags that are attached to each other with velcro,
have rods,(that hold them open and upright) from the top of your shopping trolley, and  they
roll up into a compact roll.

How They Work:
When you go shopping, take your trolley bags with you, and hang them on the centre hook at
the back of your trolley.
Fill your trolley with your your shopping needs.
When you get to the checkout, and have emptied your groceries onto the conveyor belt, grab
your trolley bags from the back of your trolley.
Unroll your Trolley Bags and put them into your empty trolley and spread them out in one quick motion.
Pack your shopping into the Trolley Bags (now upright and open).
When you get back to your car, simply separate the trolley bags from each other and place
them in your car.

Classification (Product) TrolleyBags
Aesthetics (Colour) Blue, Red, Green, and Orange.
Aesthetics (Materials) Nylon bags, Plastic rods, Velcro.
Packaging (Type) Retail
Packaging (Contents) 1 x Set of TrolleyBags Classic (4 bags per set)
Dimensions (Package Length) 69cm
Dimensions (Package Width) 18cm
Dimensions (Package Depth) 12cm
Dimensions (Package Weight) 1.3kg
Info (Information) ** Fits Standard Shopping Trolleys **** Fits Shallow Shopping Trolleys **
Info (Made In ...) China (by Trolley Bags UK Ltd)

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