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Today im gonna be discussing a great product called the VSSL Flask.


VSSL are made by a Canadian company that makes high quality out-door utility tools. 
Their range of VSSL Kits includes :

All of these kits are made of Annodized Aluminium, they are around 20cm long and have a
diameter of 5cm (8" x 2"), they have a Compass in one end, and a high power LED Flashlight
in the other end. In this blog i wi ll just be focusing on the VSSL Flask.


While the VSSL Flask pays tribute to end of the prohibition era, it was not made with concealing
or hiding your booze in mind, it was made for portability and function.


The VSSL Flask is, like the other VSSL kits, 20cm long by 5cm diameter, made from seamless
extruded military specification Anodized Aluminum, and weighs around 600g.


The VSSL Flask is around the same size, and around about the same weight, when full of your
favorite beverage, as a Mag-light. Whether you are hiking or camping, this flashligh/flask combo
is a great addition to the gear you take with you.


What could be better than getting to the end of a long hike and having a few drinks as you watch
the sun set over the horizon?

In one end of the VSSL Flask is a Compass(oil filled) endcap, to help you find your direction,
under this endcap is a beverage compartment to hold 300ml (10oz) of your favorite booze. 
The Flask interior (beverage compartment) is treated with a non-removable, non-breakable
Si02 glass to preserve the quality of your beverage.


In the other end of the VSSL Flask is an LED flashlight endcap, this flashlight has three modes.

  • The first mode is bright static, where the light is on constantly in a "Flood" beam, in this
    mode the batteries will last around 20 hours.
  • The second mode is dull static, where the light is half as bright and is on constantly in a
    "Flood" beam, in this mode the batteries will last around 40 hours.
  • The third mode is SOS, where the light flashes out an SOS in morse code (dot dot dot
    dash dash dash dot dot dot), in this mode the batteries will last around 60 hours.


Under the flashlight endcap is a small compartment with :

  • A custom VSSL high-quality aluminium Bottle-Opener.
  • 2 x Collapsible stainless-steel shot glasses for your drinks.


Buy yourself a VSSL Flask today for your next camping or hiking adventure!

Available in the following colours:
VSSL Flask - Stainless Steel
VSSL Flask - Green

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