Rule Guide for the Apples To Apples card game.

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In this Rule Guide im gonna be explaining the rules for a great card game called "Apples
To Apples : Party in a Box".



Players :     4-8 Players
Approximate Game Time :     30 mins
Game Type :     Board Game / Card Game
Age :    12+
Game Mechanics :     Hand Management.

Apples To Apples - The Game Of Crazy Combinations.
Apples to Apples is the classic party game that provides instant fun for four to 8 players!
The "core" of the game is simple as pie: just select the Red Apple card from your hand
that you think best described the Green Apple card played by the judge.  If the judge picks
your card, you win the round.
It's as easy as comparing "apples to apples!"

Original Concept and Prototype were made by Matthew Kirby.

Objective :
Be the first player to collect 4 Green Apple cards by making the best combinations.

The Set Up :
441 Red Apple cards
Each featuring the name of a person, place, thing or event.
63 Green Apple cards
Each featuring two words that describe a person, place, thing or event.

Shuffle all the Green Apple cards and place them in a pile in the middle of the table.
Shuffle all the Red Apple cards and place them in a pile in the middle of the table also.

How To Play :
1. Choose a player to be the first judge.  (Maybe get everyone to cut the deck of Red
Apple cards, player that cut to the Red Apple card that starts with the highest letter,
The judge deals 5 Red Apple cards, to every player (including him or herself), face

2. The judge turns over the top Green Apple card, chooses one side of the card and
reads the word on it aloud.  Next the judge places the card *face up* on the table, so
everyone can see what the word is.

3.  The other players choose the Red Apple card from their hand that they think makes
the best combination with the word on the Green Apple card, and place their card face
on the table.

4. The judge mixes these Red Apple cards, then turns them over one by one and reads
them aloud.

Table Talk!
Now it's time to try to convince the judge that their card is the best choice.
NOTE : "Table talk" is one of the most important parts of the game!
Get creative with your reasons! 

And dont worry if the Red Apple card you played doesn't fit 100%.  Judges will often
pick the combination that is the most interesting, funny or creative.

Example : Affluent + Measles = Affluenza

5. After the "Table talk", the judge selects the Red Apple card that they thinks is best
combination. The judge awards the Green Apple card to the person who played the
winning Red Apple card.  
NOTE : Players keep Green Apple cards they've won on the table in front of them until
the end of the game.  Other cards played during the round are discarded.

6. After a player has been awarded the Green Apple card, the player to the left of the
judge, becomes the judge for the next round.  The new judge deals enough Red Apple
cards to everyone to bring their hand back up to 5. The judge then turns over another
Green Apple card and the next round begins.

Ending The Game :
The first player to have 4 Green Apple cards awarded to them wins the game!

Apples To Apples Variations
After you've played the basic game, try these variations to spice up the game:

Quick Pick
With five or more players, try out the Quick Pick Option.  The last Red Apple card placed
on the table will not be judged and is returned to that player's hand.  If you snooze, you

Crab Apples
For a tart twist, choose and judge Red Apple cards that are the least like, or the opposite
of, the word on the Green Apple card.  For example, you might choose "800 Pound Gorilla"
when the green card "Reasonable" is played.

2 For 1 Apples
For the expert players out there, each player selects the Red Apple card from their hand
that is best described by both words on the Green Apple card played by the judge.

Cards Against Apples
Not Safe For Work edition.  The party game of crazy combinations for horrible people.  Use
the Black cards from your Cards Against Humanity deck instead of the Red Apple cards.


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