RFID Credit Card and Passport Sleeves

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Today we are gonna have a look at the RFID protection sleeves from stuffandthings.com.au


RFID chips are becoming more and more common in our advancing technological society.
They are being put in many things like Credit Cards, Bank Cards, Library Cards, Drivers License,
Identification Cards, Passports, SmartCards, and much more.
You will have seen them, even if you didn't know what they were called.


RFID stands for "Radio-Frequency Identification", and RFID chips (also called tags) store data digitally,
and transmit it when close to a RFID reader (like an EFTPOS console).
RFID chips are used to store digital data that identifies that card to the RFID reader it comes near.
As you bring your card towards the RFID reader a few things are happening all at once :
     The RFID reader is transmitting an interrogation signal.
     This signal induces a small DC charge in the chip.
     The chip powers up and activates the antenna built into the card.
     The chip sends an authentication reply to the interrogation signal of the reader.
     The RFID reader then checks the authentication reply and verifies that card.
NOTE : This generally happens when the chip is brought within 5-10cm of an RFID reader, but with
special antenna this range can be increased.


Thieves are getting smarter every day, and one of the largest forms of bank fraud over the last few years,
is card skimming.
Card skimming is when they take the digital data stored on someones card, copy it onto a blank card,
and then use the "cloned" card.
Back in the 1990's, this data had to be copied with a machine that could read the magnetic stripe on
your card.
Now with the use of a laptop or tablet, and an antenna, they can remotely clone your cards data without
you ever having taken your card out of your wallet or purse.

According to Fraud Statistics for the 2015 Financial Year from the Australian Payments Clearing
, there was over $400,000,000 worth of fraud transactions on Australian-issued cards. Thats
more than Four-Hundred-Million-Dollars worth of fraud during the 2015 Financial Year.

If your credit cards are not protected, someone walking past you in the street, or standing behind you in
line at the coffee shop, could be stealing your credit/debit card information.
Not only can this result in a loss of money (most Financial Institues in Australia will waive losses if it is
proven to be fraud), a loss of your time (replacing your "digitally stolen" credit cards, sorting out fraud
enquires with your bank), it can also cause stress, and a feeling of violation.



These RFID protection sleeves are made of a plastic sleeve with an aluminium foil lining which makes
them work like a miniature faraday cage, to protect passive RFID tags (inside them), from receiving the
interrogation signal (that induces a charge, activates the antenna, and transmit its authentication data).
In more simple words, they stop the chip on your card from transmitting your digital data, until you
remove it from the sleeve.
NOTE : The card will start to transmit data when it is partially out of the sleeve(approximately 1-2cm of
card exposed).

There are also RFID protection sleeves for passports (most passports now have an RFID chip in them),
as this is another item often targeted by thieves.


Buy some RFID protection sleeves today to protect your digital data from thieves.
We have the following packs of RFID protection sleeves :
3 x Credit Card RFID protection sleeves
7 x Credit Card RFID protection sleeves
3 x Passport RFID protection sleeves
5 x Passport RFID protection sleeves
6 x Credit Card RFID protection sleeves + 2 x Passport RFID protection sleeves
10 x Credit Card RFID protection sleeves + 4 x Passport RFID protection sleeves

available at http://stuffandthings.com.au

Thanks for shopping with us at Stuff and Things.
Have a Great Day!

SnoopS and the Stuff and Things Team


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