SOS Emergency Kit

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G'Day Everyone,
SnoopS from Stuff and Things here,

Today we are gonna have a look at the "SOS Emergency Kit" (also called the "SOS Survival Kit").

This little "SOS Emergency Kit" is Great Value, is Light-Weight, it has Over 20 Features, and is Compact
enough to put one in your Glovebox, put it into a Hiking/Camping/Fishing/Hunting Kit, put one in your
GO-Bag, or keep one in a Kitchen/Bedroom/Workshop Drawer (Just in Case).

Whether you are into Orienteering, Hiking,  Camping or any other Outdoor-Style activities, this
Light-Weight kit has some very handy and and useful items in it.

Inside the "SOS Emergency Kit" you will find :
     *A Compass - To help you find your way.
     *A Fret-Saw - To cut small branches or trees.
     *Flint and Striker - To start a fire.
     *A Whistle - To attract attention.
     *A Multitool Pair of Pliers - Multitool contains :
          01.A Pair of Pliers
          02.An LED Flashlight
          03.A Saw
          04.A Knife
          05.A Bottle Opener
          06.A Flat-head Screwdriver
          07.A Phillips-head Screwdriver

     *A Multitool Card - Multitool contains :
          01.A Bottle Opener
          02.A Can Opener
          03.A Side knife
          04.A Saw
          05.A Flat-head Screwdriver
          06.An Outside Hexagonal Wrench
          07.A Positioning Spanner
          08.A Clyburn Spanner
          09.A Directional Identifier
          10.A Ruler
          11.A Round Hole

In case of emergency no need break the glass, just open the "SOS Emergency Kit" can.
Keep an "SOS Emergency Kit" handy in case of earthquake, flood, being lost in the wilderness,
swine/bird flu pandemic or your every day, run of the mill, Zombie Apocalypse.
A must have for any preppers out there!

Or buy an "SOS Emergency Kit" for the awesome Mutlitools (that can be attached to a keyring, or kept in a
wallet), and keep the rest for an emergency, or your next camping trip.

Buy an "SOS Emergency Kit" today from

Thanks for shopping with us at Stuff and Things.
Have a Great Day!

SnoopS and the Stuff and Things Team


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Joie Gahum:
06/09/2017, 12:55:29 PM

Having a roadeavour thermal blanket would also be benefitial. Saves you from harsh cold.

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