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G'Day Everyone,
SnoopS from Stuff and Things here,

Today im gonna be discussing a great little Multi-tool called the LighterBro.

This isnt just a clever name as it actually goes around a Bic lighter, making your lighter stand out in a crowd.
(If someone tries to steal it, just say 'you got my LighterBro?')

The LighterBro barely takes up more room than a Bic lighter, making it a great compact choice for any
camping/hiking kit, prepper kit, first-aid kit, GO-Bag, or any similar kit, keep one in kitchen or just carry one in
your pocket.

Besides access to fire from the Bic lighter, the LighterBro has a few other features:

  • A Bottle Opener
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • A 5cm Blade
  • A Flat-Head Screwdriver (End of blade)
  • A Micro Philips-Head Screwdriver (For fixing glasses or for use as a stoker/poker)
  • 2 Lighter Height Settings
    (Normal - Access to the bottle opener)
    (Stealth - Most Compact Setting)

All genuine LighterBro's are made to a very high standard of quality in the U.S.A out of 420 Japanese Steel.
At a glance you can see the quality of this great little multi-tool, its clean lines, smooth edges, 100% riveted
snap-tools, and laser engraving.

You can buy yourself a LighterBro in the following colours and styles :

Stainless Steel - Silver - LighterBro Logo
Stainless Steel - Silver - Icon Logo
Stainless Steel - Black Coated - Icon Logo
Stainless Steel - Titanium Coated - LighterBro Logo


Thanks for shopping with us at Stuff and Things.
Have a Great Day!

SnoopS and the Stuff and Things Team


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