Mini HD Dashcam Installation

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DashCam Installation Guide

When you open your Mini HD Dash-Cam you will find these items :

  • 1 x Mini HD Dash-Cam
  • 1 x Suction Mount
  • 1 x USB to Mini-USB cable
  • 1 x Mini-USB to Car Cigarette Lighter cable
  • 1 x Manual

Installing your "USB to Car Cigarette Lighter cable" in your car.
For this installation guide we will be attaching the cable with sticky tape or double sided tape. 
If you have some cable mounts to use instead, and you think that would be a better choice for your situation, then
use those instead.

Step 1.
Find a place on your windscreen to attach your "Suction Mount". 
I find behind the rear-view mirror to be a good place on most cars.
NOTE:DO NOT place it where it will obstruct your view of the road

Step 2.
Mount your "Mini HD Dash-Cam" onto your "Suction Mount".

Step 3.
Plug the Mini-USB end of the "Car Cigarette Lighter cable" into your 
"Mini HD Dash-Cam".
Give the cable a bit of slack (5-10cm) and wrap it around the stalk that holds your rear-view mirror to anchor your cable.

Step 4.
Fold down your passenger-side sun visor, and run the cable along the hinges of the sun visor, and over to the door.
(Attach with tape as needed)

Step 5.
Run the cable down the side of the windscreen. (Attach with tape as needed)

Step 6.
Run the cable around the dashboard, towards the passenger-side door, and down the door jamb. (Attach with tape as

Step 7.
Run the cable under the glove box, towards the centre console. (Attach with tape as needed)


Step 8.
Plug the "Cigarette Lighter cable" into the cars Cigarette Lighter.

Installation Complete.
The next time you start your car, your Mini HD Dash-Cam should start recording automatically.


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