Mighty Mug Week 2017

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G'Day Everyone,
SnoopS from Stuff and Things here,

Today marks the first day of Mighty Mug Week 2017 (March 26th).
We have a special on our entire range of Mighty Mugs for the next 7 days.  With the coupon code "MMWEEK" you can get 10%
off your Mighty Mug purchases at Stuff And Things Online until Sunday 2nd of April 2017.
Hurry in and grab yours as this deal is only available while stocks last.

What is a Mighty Mug?
The Mighty Mug is a "Spill-Resistant" coffee mug that grips onto flat surfaces when knocked from the side, but when picked
straight up, releases easily from the surface.

The Mighty Mug (Mini, Solo, Go, and Biggie) has a double walled design to keep your drink hot for up to 4 hours, and cold for up
to 9 hours.  
The easy open lid helps to stop spills if the Mighty Mug does get knocked over.  
The Mighty Mug was also designed to fit into all standard "cup holders" in modern cars.

Mighty Mug Barware is a range of Wine cups, Pilsner Beer cups, Pint cups, and Whiskey tumblers, that has the same "Spill-
Resistant" technology built into its base.


You can buy yourself the following Mighty Mugs at :

MightyMug - Mini - 350ml
     - Black

MightyMug - Solo - 325ml
     - Black
     - Cream
     - Red
     - Purple
     - Teal

MightyMug - Solo Stainless-Steel - 325ml
     - Stainless-Steel (Silver)

MightyMug - Go - 473ml
     - Black
     - Cream
     - Red
     - Purple
     - Teal

MightyMug - Go Stainless-Steel - 473ml
     - Stainless Steel (Silver)
     - Stainless Steel (Red)
     - Stainless Steel (Blue)

MightyMug - Biggie - 473ml
     - Black
     - Red

MightyMug - Biggie Stainless-Steel - 530ml
     - Stainless Steel (Silver)
     - Stainless Steel (Copper)

MightyMug - Barware Range - Various Sizes
     - Wine Cup (Set of 2) 415ml each
     - Tumbler (Set of 2) 475ml each
     - Pint Cup (Set of 2) 650ml each
     - Pilsner Beer Cup (Set of 2) 650ml each

Thanks for shopping with us at Stuff and Things.
Have a Great Day!

SnoopS and the Stuff and Things Team

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