Nintendo SWITCH Game "Super Mario Odyssey"

Nintendo SWITCH Game "Super Mario Odyssey"

"Super Mario Odyssey" * Nintendo SWITCH Game * Released: October 2017 *
Explore incredible places far from the Mushroom Kingdom as you join Mario and his new ally
Cappy on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure.

Use amazing new abilities—like the power to capture and control objects, animals, and enemies—to
collect Power Moons so you can power up the Odyssey airship and save Princess Peach from Bowser's
wedding plans!

Release date: 27/10/2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer
Players: 1-2 players
Publisher: Nintendo
Australian Rating : Australian Classification: PG Rating

Thanks to heroic, hat-shaped Cappy, Mario's got new moves that'll make you rethink his traditional
un-and-jump gameplay—like cap jump, cap throw, and capture. Use captured cohorts such as enemies,
objects, and animals to progress through the game and uncover loads of hidden collectibles. And if you
feel like playing with a friend, just pass them a Joy-Con™ controller! Player 1 controls Mario while
Player 2 controls Cappy. This sandbox-style 3D Mario adventure—the first since 1996's beloved Super
Mario 64™ and 2002's Nintendo GameCube™ classic Super Mario Sunshine™—is packed with
secrets and surprises, plus exciting new kingdoms to explore.

     * Explore astonishing new locales like skyscraper-packed New Donk City to your heart's content, and
run into familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from Bowser's dastardly wedding

     * Find something interesting? Toss your cap at it and see what happens! There are lots of fun and
surprising ways to interact with your surroundings.

     * Be sure to bring any coins you find to a Crazy Cap store, where you can exchange them for decorative
souvenirs for the Odyssey and new outfits for Mario! Some destinations have very exclusive dress codes,
after all…

     * Hand a Joy-Con™ controller to a friend to enjoy simultaneous multiplayer: Player 1 controls Mario while
Player 2 controls Mario's new ally Cappy.

     * Use Snapshot Mode to freeze time while playing the game and take screenshots that you can
customize using various options and filters. Screenshots can be shared via social media or uploaded to
PCs and smart devices* using all of the Nintendo Switch™ system's built-in screenshot tools.

     * A special edition Nintendo Switch™ hardware bundle will launch alongside the game. This special
edition includes a download code for the full game, red left and right Joy-Con™ controllers, and a Super
Mario Odyssey™ themed Nintendo Switch carrying case.


'Super Mario Odyssey : Official Site'
Official Site -

'Super Mario Odyssey E3 Trailer'


This game is compatible with amiibo.
Just tap in an amiibo accessory to score new characters, game modes, or other perks!

Figures shown not actual size and designs may vary. Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may
vary per game. Software updates may be required.

Game Details
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Oct 27, 2017
No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
Category: Action,
Adventure, Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

*microSD card required; sold separately.
© 2017 Nintendo

Classification (Product) Video Game
Aesthetics (Colour) ** Coloured Game Box **
Aesthetics (Materials) Plastic
Packaging (Type) Retail
Packaging (Contents) ** 1 x "SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY" Nintendo SWITCH Game **
Packaging (Item Count) One
Dimensions (Package Length) mm
Dimensions (Package Width) mm
Dimensions (Package Depth) mm
Dimensions (Package Weight) g
Info (Information) ** INFORMATION ** ** Game Details : SUPER-MARIO-ODYSSEY ** ** Platform : Nintendo Switch ** ** Release Date : Oct 27, 2017 ** ** No. of Players : 1-2 players simultaneous ** ** Category : Action, Adventure, Platformer ** ** Publisher : Nintendo ** ** Developer : Nintendo ** ** Australian Rating : PG **

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