Lil' Holster Skinny

Lil' Holster Skinny

Lil' Holster Skinny
The Lil' Holster Skinny is a silicone rubber organizer for your kitchen or bathroom, that lets you utilize the
edges of sinks and benches for additional storage space.

Things you could keep in the Lil' Holster Mini :

  • Tootbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Dishbrush

What you get from the Lil' Holster.
    Better Organization
    Where you need it, when you need it. The Lil' Holster provides a clean and dry home for the kitchen
    and bathroom items you use most.
    Cleaner Spaces
    Your kitchen and bathroom items can become unsanitary and messy. The Lil' Holster drains the water
    and dirt for clean, dry tools and environments.
    More Efficiency
    The Lil' Holster enables better cleaning & dishwashing outcomes in your kitchen and a cleaner, more
    organized bathroom.
    More Space
    Your counter space is valuable. It's easy for clutter to take over. The Lil' Holster contains your tools and
    free up space.

Classification (Product) Holster
Aesthetics (Colour) White or Black
Aesthetics (Materials) Silicone Rubber
Packaging (Type) Retail
Packaging (Contents) ** 1 x Lil' Holster Skinny **
Packaging (Item Count) One
Dimensions (Package Length) 215mm
Dimensions (Product Length) 245mm
Dimensions (Package Width) 70mm
Dimensions (Product Width) 65mm
Dimensions (Package Depth) 45mm
Dimensions (Product Depth) 40mm
Dimensions (Package Weight) 78g
Dimensions (Product Weight) 60g
Info (Information)
Info (Made In ...) China

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